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WT Leap of Faith — SOLD!

Congratulations to Nicole Bloch on the purchase of WT Leap of Faith (WT Leapfrog x Singulord Joter x Acorado), 2018 Oldenburg gelding! We’re very excited to see what the future holds for this new pair!

WT Invictus — SOLD!

Congratulations to Amy Beacham on the purchase of WT Invictus, 2016 Holsteiner gelding (Imothep x Catoki x Cassini II)! We’re looking forward to following your journey together!

WT GoLightly — SOLD!

Congratulations to Pascal Jouvence on the purchase of WT GoLightly! We are excited to following along on your many adventures to come!

WT Tyrion — SOLD!

Congratulations to Tesla Hausman on the purchase of WT Tyrion! We are excited to follow this new pair’s journey as Tyrion heads to North Carolina to join Tesla soon.

Remembering Chesapeake

Chesapeake, 2001-2021 Barb first laid eyes on Chesapeake 17 years ago, when Anke Magnussen sent Barb a video of a young, 3-year-old Holsteiner stallion prospect in Germany. Anke told Barb that she had to add him to the Wild Turkey lineup. After viewing the video, Barb fell in love with him. He was a big, […]

WT Vincent — SOLD!

Congratulations, Trudy Exton and Tom Kelly, on the purchase of WT Vincent (Van Gogh x Caresino x Corrado I)! This talented 2018 Oldenburg gelding will be heading to British Columbia, Canada to begin his career with his new owners!

Calito — SOLD!

Congratulations, Tiffany and Isabelle Santerre (Courtney Palmer of Noble Jumpers, trainer), on the purchase of Calito, 2012 Holsteiner gelding (Calido x Calato)!

Fallyn WT — SOLD!

Congratulations KB Sporthorses, LLC, (Kellen Brady and Rachel Galambos) on the purchase of Fallyn WT, 2013 Holsteiner mare (Cormint x Caretino x Lord)! We’re very excited to see the foals you produce from this amazing broodmare!

Darvinia — SOLD!

Congratulations, Shannon DeBuiser, on the purchase of Darvinia, 2011 Holsteiner mare (Catoki x Cassini II x Parco)! Best of luck with this stellar broodmare.

WT Eclipse — SOLD!

Congratulations to Joe and Karen Webber on the purchase of WT Eclipse, 2012 Holsteiner mare (Quinar x Capital x Lys de Darmen)! This Summer daughter will be heading to Texas, and we’re excited to follow her next journey with her new owners!