Our qualified team is committed to bringing superior service on every level to the Warmblood breeding community.

Wild Turkey Farm currently has two job opportunities available:


Job Description

Working with mares, stallions and young horses from newborn through 3 – 1/2 years of age.

Job Duties

-Daily feeding, grooming and turnout of broodmares (and foals if present) and stallions.

-Daily feeding and assessment of young horses in pastures.

-Daily cleaning of stall feeders, waterers, and maintaining clean water tubs in


-Dusting/washing of stall fronts and washing interior stall walls.

-Vacuuming/sweeping barn aisles.

-Picking manure out of pastures.

-Weeding pastures and around barn area as needed.

-Barn laundry as needed.

-Cleaning barn bathrooms.

-Mopping floors in bathrooms, offices, feed rooms.

-Cleaning pasture run-in sheds and adding clean bedding (winter pastures only).

-Cleaning stalls in mare barn during foaling season

-Washing down and disinfecting all mare stalls after foaling season.

-Maintain clean hay and shavings storage areas.

-Working with babies on haltering, leading, handling feet, clipping, etc.

-Stallion handling for breeding

-Holding mares in the stocks for veterinary exams.

-Ability to drive a truck and trailer

-Respectfully take direction from manager

-Other barn related tasks as they arise.

Equipment Used

-Various brushes and grooming tools

-Pitchforks, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows

-Golf cart, Gator, truck & trailer

Lifting Requirements

-Lift/move bales of hay or straw (90-110 lbs)

– Lift/carry sacks of grain (50 lbs)

Hours would be 7am to 4:30pm. Days off would be Fridays and Saturdays. Position will include health insurance and PTO.

Please submit resumes to [email protected]


Job Description

Wild Turkey Farm is looking for a person interested in joining our team and working with the retirement horses. Applicant must have prior work experience with horses. Please note your experience on your resume.

Job Duties

  • Feeding hay
  • Making Grain
  • Turning out horses
  • Care and management of horses
  • Understanding basic first aid and health care of horses
  • Bandaging
  • Helping vets and farriers as needed
  • Body clipping (minimal): trim legs, etc.
  • Picking paddocks
  • Cleaning stalls from time to time
  • Any other relevant duties that may arise depending on the situation

Job Requirements

  • Must be able to legally work in the US
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • There will be a background check done

Personal Requirements

  • Take direction well
  • Work well with others
  • Punctual, reliable and dependable
  • Motivated

Hours would be 7-4:30, days off would be Sundays and Mondays. Health insurance and PTO.

Please submit resumes to [email protected]