WT Callahan — SOLD!

WT Callahan

Congratulations to Jessie Steward (Concord, Calif.) on the purchase of WT Callahan, 2018 Oldenburg gelding (Calito x LioCalyon x Coriander)! Wild Turkey Farm wishes you a wonderful journey ahead together.

WT Undeniable — SOLD!

WT Undeniable

Congratulations to Casey Carey (Newberg, OR) on the purchase of WT Undeniable, 2019 Oldenburg gelding (Untouchable x Quinar x Capital)!

WT Chaska — SOLD!

WT Chaska

Congratulations to Caroline and Julia Werkhoven (Tempe, AZ) on the purchase of WT Chaska, 2017 Holsteiner gelding (Coruscant x Coriander x Langata Express)! We’re excited to follow your journey together, alongside trainer Renae Coates!

WT Leapfrog Returns to Wild Turkey Farm to Stand at Stud

In light of a recent injury that will prevent WT Leapfrog from competing at the top level of the sport, Wild Turkey Farm would like to announce that Frog will return home to stand at stud. He will be available fresh cooled for the 2022 breeding season. For more information, please email [email protected].

***Frog’s stud fee will be $1500 through the end of February (with signed contract and funds) before rising to $1800 starting March 1***

Wild Turkey Farm Offers WT Lakota for 2022 Breeding Season

Photo by Patty Wilding

Wild Turkey Farm is proud to announce the addition of WT Lakota to its robust portfolio of breeding stallions. Bred at Wild Turkey Farm, this 2015 Holsteiner stallion (LioCalyon x Coriander x Langata Express) is owned and ridden by Drew Weber.

At the 2021 North American Stallion Sport Test, “Loki” scored a total of 8.73 points to finish as Champion on the West Coast. Loki was also approved at the 2019 Holsteiner Verband inspection.

In his 6-year-old year, Loki earned top placings in both his young jumper age division and in the 1.20m low junior/amateur division. He will continue to compete in the 2022 season and will be available as frozen, only, for $1,200 per dose.

For more information on breeding to WT Lakota, please email [email protected].

WT Leap of Faith — SOLD!

WT Leap of Faith

Congratulations to Nicole Bloch on the purchase of WT Leap of Faith (WT Leapfrog x Singulord Joter x Acorado), 2018 Oldenburg gelding! We’re very excited to see what the future holds for this new pair!

WT Invictus — SOLD!

Congratulations to Amy Beacham on the purchase of WT Invictus, 2016 Holsteiner gelding (Imothep x Catoki x Cassini II)! We’re looking forward to following your journey together!

WT GoLightly — SOLD!

Congratulations to Pascal Jouvence on the purchase of WT GoLightly! We are excited to following along on your many adventures to come!

WT Tyrion — SOLD!

WT Tyrion, September 2019

Congratulations to Tesla Hausman on the purchase of WT Tyrion! We are excited to follow this new pair’s journey as Tyrion heads to North Carolina to join Tesla soon.

Remembering Chesapeake

Chesapeake, 2001-2021

Barb first laid eyes on Chesapeake 17 years ago, when Anke Magnussen sent Barb a video of a young, 3-year-old Holsteiner stallion prospect in Germany. Anke told Barb that she had to add him to the Wild Turkey lineup.

After viewing the video, Barb fell in love with him. He was a big, bright bay with a huge blaze and beautiful, elastic movement.

Shortly thereafter, Chesapeake came to the US. He competed under Mandy Porter for several years and was retired in 2011 due to an injury. Barb ultimately decided to geld him so he could retire out with friends and not have to lead the lonely life of a stallion. He lived on the farm with his retirement buddies for the last 10 years and was so happy.

The decision was made to humanely put him down after lymphomas were discovered. Chesapeake lives on in his offspring, especially his son WT Ca-Pow!, who is also ridden by Mandy. Rest in peace, Chesapeake. You are missed!