WT Jolene — SOLD!

Congratulations to Ann Boucher on the purchase of WT Jolene (WT Lillix x Cobra x Le Roi). We’re excited to follow your journey together!

Clintord’s Offspring Continue Sire’s Success

The first few US-born foal crops from stallion Clintord I (Clinton I x Caletto I x Lord) are growing up and showing their talent in the ring. Here are a few examples of Clintord’s offspring.

Credence (Clintord I x Burggraaf x Orthos), 7-year-old Holsteiner gelding:

Circa CCF (Clintord I x Andiamo Z x Karthago), 5-year-old Holsteiner gelding:

Clear Sailing CCF (Clintord I x Julio Mariner xx x Voltaire), 5-year-old Holsteiner gelding:

Coral Sea CCF (Clintord I x Julio Mariner xx x Voltaire), 6-year-old Holsteiner gelding:

Clintord is available fresh and frozen for the 2020 breeding season. Please email [email protected] to book.

WT Leapfrog Is Available Fresh Cooled For Limited Time

Due to the unexpected hiatus in the 2020 competition season from the COVID-19 pandemic, WT Leapfrog will return to Wild Turkey Farm in early April to be available as fresh cooled for the coming weeks or months. For the first time, Frog will be available fresh cooled and at a very special price of $1,450 (plus collection and shipping). As Frog will return to a competition schedule next year, we unfortunately cannot offer a LFG. But if the mare does not take and is able to be bred again this season while Frog is home, we will send another dose for the collection and shipping fees, only. To make a booking or discuss options, please email [email protected].

WT Cismet — SOLD!

Congratulations to Caitlin Azevedo and Meagan Azevedo on the purchase of WT Cismet (Conte Della Caccia x Casall x Cayado)! We look forward to seeing this talented young horse develop with you.

WT Leapfrog Finishes 5th in First Grand Prix

Photo by Treena Hall

In his Grand Prix debut, WT Leapfrog jumped double clear to finish in the top 5 in the $200,000 Valencia Saddlery Grand Prix at Desert Circuit IV. A special thank you to his trainer and rider, Mandy Porter, for carefully bringing him to this level.

WT Leapfrog is available frozen for the 2020 breeding season. For more information, please email [email protected].

Click below to see Frog’s first round in the $200,000 Grand Prix.

Barb Ellison Wins 2019 US Equestrian Breeders’ Cup Award

Barbara Ellison and her Wild Turkey Farm are announced the winners of the 2019 US Equestrian Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeders’ Cup Award.

The Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeders’ Cup Award recognizes an individual and/or breeding enterprise who consistently breeds outstanding performance and show horses. The award honors the role that good breeding plays in the development and improvement of performance and show horses.

“I am speechless and very honored,” Barb said, upon receiving the news. “And honestly this is an award won by a team: my staff at the farm, Mandy Porter, my vets, Ryan Ferris, Columbia Equine, my farrier, Jason Smith, etc. As they say, it takes a village. Thank you!”

WT Lannister — SOLD!

WT Lannister, 2019

Congratulations to Elli Araujo of Driggs, Idaho on the purchase of WT Lannister (LioCalyon x Capital)! We’re so excited to see this special son of Lio and Summer go far in the sport with Elli in the irons.

WT Lakota Awarded Stallion Approval By Holsteiner Verband

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that WT Lakota is now an approved stallion by the Holsteiner Verband. This 2015 stallion (LioCalyon x Coriander x Langata Express) is truly one to watch. Congratulations to owner, Drew Weber!

Showcase of Wild Turkey Alums at Thunderbird

It’s always special to see our Wild Turkeys out competing with their new owners and riders. Here are a selection of horses bred at Wild Turkey Farm that were jumping beautifully at Thunderbird Show Park this summer. If you have a Wild Turkey of your own, please send us your competition photos so that we may share here, as well!

WT Cacao & Paige Sullivan


WT Lightyear & Alex Falconi


Chance (aka WT Lucian) & Kambiz Ayromlooi


WT Corina & Alexandra Richards


WT Dexy & Karin Dolan


Altitude (aka WT As If) & Lindsay Acheson

All photos by Totem Photographics

WT Zalira — SOLD!

WT Zalira

Congratulations to Lori Johnston on the purchase of WT Zalira! This 2019 filly (Untouchable x Caresino x Corrado I) was awarded premium foal at the 2019 Oldenburg GOV approvals at Wild Turkey Farm.