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A Winter Glimpse at Wild Turkey Farm

By Erin Gilmore for Proequest.com You know you’re a horse person when you can’t get through a family vacation…. not even Christmas…. without squeezing in a horse-related side trip. Luckily, I’m blessed with a tolerant family who understands that the close proximity of a well-known sporthorse farm to my brother’s home in Portland Oregon is […]

AHHA Approvals a Success

Lillix WT (Liocalyon x Corriander) was approved as a stallion – 49 bonits, 8 for freejumping. Bliss WT (LaMarque x Latano) was site Champion, now in the MMPS studbook with 50 bonits. Beckett WT (LaMarque x Wellington) is now in the MMP studbook with 48 bonits. Bounce WT (LaMarque x Tout Feu D’Hex) is now […]