AHHA Approvals a Success

Lillix WT (Liocalyon x Corriander) was approved as a stallion – 49 bonits, 8 for freejumping.

Bliss WT (LaMarque x Latano) was site Champion, now in the MMPS studbook with 50 bonits.

Beckett WT (LaMarque x Wellington) is now in the MMP studbook with 48 bonits.

Bounce WT (LaMarque x Tout Feu D’Hex) is now in the MMP studbook with 47 bonits.

Lebowski WT (Lavita x Loutano) Premium Foal.

Eclipse WT (Quinar x Capitol I) Premium Foal.

Embarque WT (LaMarque x indorado) Premium Foal.

Exclusive WT (LioCalyon x Coriander) Premium Foal.

Lieutenant Dan (LaMarque x Great Pleasure) Premium Foal.

Lightyear WT (LaMarque x Converter) Premium Foal.

Limited Edition WT (LioCalyon x Eusebio) Merit Foal.

Quintago WT (Quinar x Carthago) Merit Foal.

Cacao WT (Contefino x Capitol I) Merit Foal.