Barbara Boothe Ellison Awarded With Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owner’s Legacy Award

Barb & WT Leapfrog

Wild Turkey Farm is proud to announce that Barb Ellison has been awarded the Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owner’s Legacy Award by the USHJA!

“I am beyond honored,” Barb said upon receiving the news. “How exciting to be in such illustrious company as the past award winners. As always it takes a village to make a dream come true and so many people to thank: of course, Mandy Porter, who has piloted so many of my horses to numerous wins; Kelli Johnston, who has worked with me for the last 18 (almost 19) years; Darlene Mardock, who does the breeding and brings the new ones into the world; Colts Unlimited for giving all of my youngsters an amazing start; and all of my staff and everyone who has ever purchased a Wild Turkey Farm baby or bred to one of our stallions. Thank you all.”