WT Leapfrog Shines At Inaugural North American Stallion Sport Test

Photos by Patty Wilding

WT Leapfrog performed beautifully to win the title of Jumper Champion at the inaugural North American Stallion Sport Test in November 2017.

The breakdown of his scores were: 9.5 for canter, 9.0 for scope, 9.5 for style, 9.0 for rideability, and 9.5 for overall impression for a 9.26 overall score.

“Although Leapfrog is a big horse, he is very flexible and elastic in his canter,” remarked Judge Dieter Stut at the test. “He is able to lengthen and shorten easily. At the jump, he had a powerful take-off, and his scope seemed to be without limits. He showed nearly perfect style and technique and very good rideability with high consistency. One jump was like the other.”

Trainer and rider, Mandy Porter, showcased him on the first day of the test before handing over the reins to guest, test rider, Marion Ostmeyer.

Thank you to both Mandy and Marion for giving the Frog such beautiful rides. And thank you to so many people for developing this young stallion: Mandy (again), Colts Unlimited’s Charlie and Hilary Carrel, Darlene Mardock, Kelli Johnston, and all the rest of the team at Wild Turkey Farm. Of course, special thanks to LioCalyon and Leapfrog’s mom, Grandessa.

To read a full report on the inaugural North American Stallion Sport Test, please see Riding Magazine’s article here.

Wild Turkey’s Barb Ellison & WT Leapfrog


WT Leapfrog jumping with trainer Mandy Porter

Leapfrog jumping with test rider Marion Ostmeyer

Teamwork makes the dream work

The beautiful Leapfrog